Role of marketing consultant

You are taking the role of marketing consultant making suggestions for ways to improve the effectiveness of the marketing mix.After discussing the target market from your previous assignment, you should now discuss the marketing-mix (4-Ps) the organisation is using to attract the chosen target market.You should describe each of the 4-Ps, then discuss and analyze how each one is being used to attract members of the target market.You should also address the synergy of the 4-Ps together, especially if you see that one, or more, does not fit the others.Also make specific suggestions to further improve the organisation’s effectiveness.These suggestions can be in the form of changes to any part of the current marketing-mix to fix problems you identified.It is important that you say why you make the suggestion and how it will result in better appeal to the target market. These suggestions should be specific and not generic.23/05/20207businessfinance