1 – Topic.) My topic was not the topic for me, and that was probably my biggest overall weakness in my entire speech. I wasn’t passionate about it, and I think that ruptured the flow of my speech. Not being passionate about my topic hindered my ability to go fully in depth and get the full effect of persuasion out to my audience. The good news is that I realize what I need to do for the upcoming/last speech, and I think that puts me at a good foundation for getting a good grade on the next one.2 – Intro.) There were a lot of weaknesses in my introduction. The first being that I didn’t have a grabber. Really, the only strength I find in my introduction is that I went first. I say that because if I didn’t, I don’t think I would have caught my audience’s attention. Another weakness was that I didn’t state my supporting points. I kind of just left it at the title and moved on. Lastly, I didn’t establish credibility. That part frustrates me because I had it written in my outline to do so, but I didn’t execute.3 – Body.) Organization, organization, organization (or lack thereof). My weakness was that I was unorganized. I had enough on my PowerPoint, which was a strength, but I didn’t translate that to my speech very well. I also didn’t do a good job citing my sources. Again, this is something I did well in my PowerPoint, but I didn’t verbalize them, so that is another thing to work on in my next speech. Going forward, I will focus on lengthening the body of my speech so that I can better incorporate transitions and citations, which will hopefully clean up the disorganization a bit.7 – Delivery.) Immediately after I started, I knew my delivery wasn’t going to be as strong as I wanted it to be. I got in my head and flubbed up some words. I also repeated myself at least once, but I know that was because of my disorganization. Giving speeches virtually is tough because I never really know where to look, but I had a feeling that my eye contact was off a bit. Otherwise, my tone, and loudness of my voice was good – that has never been a problem for me.9 – Visual Aids.) My weakness in visual aid was the lack thereof. My PowerPoint was wordy and I could have benefited to use more imagery, especially considering I need to lengthen the body of my speech. My strength is that the images I did use were valuable and relevant, and overall, I do find this to be much of a worry as visual cues are an easy fix and I have used them properly in my previous speeches.Evaluation:Overall, I think of myself as a fine public speaker. I have never been afraid or nervous to talk in front of others, which definitely plays to my strengths in terms of delivery. I’m especially confident when I am passionate about my topic, and I find that when that is the case, everything flows much better. After this term, I know where my weaknesses are, and I’m figuring out how to fix them…even if it took until the persuasive speech to figure it out. I play to my strengths and I need to remember that when I give speeches going forward, and even though this persuasive speech didn’t go as well as I had wanted, there’s a chance to redeem myself.