Hello,I am hoping you’re enjoying this semester and you have rolled up your sleeves to glean as much knowledge as possible from the courses you’re pursuing. I found your proposal quite interesting. Since, we share the same vocation, reading each other’s paper will provide a venue to explore mutual beneficial opportunities. I would also like to connect with you in LinkedIn. I appreciate that you have chosen to write about something that will prepare you in a way to secure your dream job in your field. I totally agree with your stance regarding the pace of technological innovation in today’s business world, especially in the digital business environment. The rate at which technology is evolving, it is becoming a challenging task for any organization leverage the latest technology and innovate rapidly. The onus is on the organization to adopt and leverage the latest technological solutions available in the market to deliver value for their customers so that they can remain relevant and survive today’s competitive business environment. An additional burden imposed by technological innovations on organizations is that they have to implement organizational change management so that their staff is embrace the change brought about by technology innovation in their industry. The tendency of various functions of the organization is to work in silos and resist change which poses a great threat to the competitiveness of the organization.I have never worked in the digital industry. But I am sure that digital businesses with their cutting-edge technology are replacing most of the brick and motor model-based businesses. The nuance in this whole story is how technology innovations are getting managed in digital business environment. This is one of the reasons, I am earnestly looking forward to reading your research paper. Visiting the company sites or talking to people who are dealing with the latest cutting-edge technologies on a daily basis will give you better picture on innovation is managed in digital businesses. I will highly recommend you to do that.The valuable information that social media generates will help a organization better understand its’s customer’s behavior and preferences; and how they feel about the business’s products or services. However, extracting this valuable information is not an easy task and this requires huge investment in “big data” technology that can help analyzing and extracting meaningful insight from the social media data generated for an organization. Investment in new technology require detailed research and analysis on how this new technology is going to augment the existing technology currently in use in the business, whether the new technology is scalable and cost-effective and so on. I will suggest that you can consider investigating these aspects as you develop your research paper.The structure of your research paper is impressive. However, I would suggest you should provide a brief background about digital business environment and what technological innovations apply to them. I am also looking forward to learning from you on how force-field analysis and impact analysis can help in selecting the best solution from among the choices available.In conclusion, I would like to say that your topic is impressive and interesting. Your approach towards structuring this research paper is very good and readers will definitely find your writing illuminating. I wish you good luck in your endeavor to achieve success in your field.Regards,