Strategic RiskResources: Read and review all slides titled “Strategic Risks”.  Google and become familiar with the following strategic frameworks: 1) Porter’s 5 forces, 2) Ansoff’s Matrix, and 3) the BCG Matrix, understanding what they are and how they are used prior to class.  The links below have been provided as a starting point for your research:  1. Understanding the Environment: Click and watch / read all Netflix related links below.  Feel free to perform other research beyond these links, these are merely a starting point.2. Evaluating Netflix’s Strategic Risks: Utilize the attached frameworks (Porter, Ansoff, BCG) as well as the class slides to answer the following Netflix-related questions.  Please provide short answers (a few sentences each) to the following 5 questions I. Summarize Netflix’s business model & strategy (leverage strategic concepts and terms in your response)II. Using Porter’s 5 Forces, describe the potential risks to the Netflix strategy III. What strategic misstep did Netflix make in the past and how did it recover from it?IV. Building on the Information Technology Risk Workshop, what are some information technology risks that could impact Netflix?V. Using Ansoff’s Matrix or other strategic concepts from the reading, suggest some alternate strategies Netflix might consider to mitigate the risks to their existing strategy or take advantage of untapped opportunitiesNetflix Links: