The Environmental Impact Assessment Report on the Proposed New Library in Macquarie University

Descriptions should always take into consideration the nature as well as the geology of such a place. This should include the types of soil found in a place, the hydrology as well as the existing uses of such sites. This is of critical importance in deciding the ways in which the effects resulting from procession with such developmental projects may be averted. A good environmental assessment report should take into consideration the land use practices in a certain site where the proposed development is to take place (Petts, 2009, 52). In addition, a good environmental report should thoroughly describe the slope of the environment. Other than these, the structure of the environmental assessment report should majorly touch on issues relating to the predicted impacts that the proposed development project may have on the environment. These impacts should be categorized into various forms. These may include the short-term impacts as well as the long-term impacts that such a development will have. Such impacts may be classified with regards to the nature of entities affected (Perdicoulis et al, 2012, 35). For instance, a good structure of environmental assessment report should put into consideration as well as identify some of the short term and long term effects that the proposed development will have on the surrounding environment.
These may involve things like environmental degradation as well as modification. This is of critical importance in providing the best option for decision makers to effectively evaluate the project proposal before authorizing the initiation of the proposed developmental project (Lawrence, 2003, 25). The report should also describe the impacts that the proposed development will have in relation to the lives of human beings as well as animals living around the proposed developmental sites.