The PassoverThe Exodus

The Passover – The Exodus Part One One of the ideas that the rabbi talked in the video about is gaining a personal experience of the events which happened in the past. Another key theme that was articulated in her speech is that people might benefit from having a space to reflect on every day of their life. The significance of the first theme is evidence for the Jews: they connection to the past is critical as it reinforces their national identity. Speaking of the significance of the second theme, it focuses on the role that rituals plays in lives of a Jew: they are not some predetermined actions that had to be performed thoughtlessly, but are designed to provoke feelings. The strong connection to the past may be important for other religious systems as well since the majority of they originated long ago and many believers may have lost the touch of the original message. Moreover, the true nature of rituals is an important issue for every religion as it wants people to gain valuable experiences.2. The rabbi in question states an interesting aspect with regard to human rights, freedom and responsibility. She argues that while the modern Jews in particular and people in general are free, they should also be seen as slaves since no one can be truly free if the positive experience is not shared. I fully agree with her and believe that true freedom does not come with material prosperity, but a development of a unique state of mind that slaves will never possess. 3. There are many powerful symbols on Passover Seder Plate. One of them is egg which is a clear implication of a new life and new possibility. The next one is what is collectively referred to as greens showing that some plants may be dead on the outside, but alive inside and give a new life. The next element is sweets which reflect the stable life while being slaves. Finally, there is a bitter lettuce that people are expected to eat until tears drop from their eyes to understand that freedom also comes with bitterness.The provided statement suggests that such rituals as the Passover try to engage people into activities that they do not usually witness in their ordinary life in order to develop a personal experience of the events which are told.Part Two The ritual that I would like to analyze is called the Holy Communion. In the course of it, a person is provided with a peace of bread and some amount of wine that are given by a priest. The bread is thought to be the body of Jesus Christ that is given to the believers to consume. The wine is thought to turn into His blood. So, after this ritual a person will have body and blood of God inside his or her body. This ritual is described in the Bible and people are engaged in to do receive presence of God and improve one’s spiritual life and reinforce themselves on their spiritual quest.