The Question of the Advantages of Tablets Over Textbooks in Studying

College students are not different when it comes to the use of computer tablets for studying. The technology is light to carry, has enough capacity for holding vast amounts of data, is environmentally friendlier than the traditional academic materials, and it is interactive. It is time globalization provided something positive to one of the internationally universal sector, academic (Reiss, 2013).

  1. Statement of persuasive Claim

Today, I look forward to persuading you to consider the use of computer tablets as alternatives to traditional textbooks used in contemporary learning institutions.
III. Preview
The reasons as to why computer tablets make a better alternative to traditional textbooks include:
Firstly, students can be economical when using computer tablets than when using traditional textbooks.
Secondly, students who carry heavy backpacks suffer from back complications, computer tablets remedy this.
Thirdly, tablet computers help students to be successful as they enhance efficiency.
Fourthly, computer tablets are environmentally friendly, unlike traditional books.
Many of you might have a computer tablet or planning to acquire one. it is time to imagine the efficiency of using computer tablets in all your academic activities

  1. Students can be economical when using computer tablets than when using traditional textbooks.
  2. E-Books Costing Less than Traditional Textbooks

Computer tablets are built to increase the efficiency of individual users. Concerning the amount of positive work they can accomplish, it is clear that their prices and usefulness provide a reasonable cost-benefit tradeoff. On the other hand, the cumulative cost of all the textbooks needed for completing a course is high which makes the use of e-books cheaper. Although piracy is a crime in the US, the use of computer tablets enables different members of the academic sector to share the academic resources they have. For online courses, tuition fees paid to institutions allow students to have access to the online library. With computer tablets, it is economical to access virtual libraries rather than buying from online vendors (Rock, 2014).