To begin assignment read Henry Mintzberg’s article (enclosed) The Fall and Rise of Strategic Planning (Harvard Business Review JanuaryFebruary 1994)

One weakness with strategic planning is that it is comprised of a calculated approach which is fixed towards attaining a goal in contrast to strategic thinking which is committed to encompass other people’s views in attainment of that particular goal. Strategies are only effective if committed people infuse them with their energy directed at achieving the stipulated goals. On the other hand, it can be noted that planning could not learn or think but only limited to the widely held belief of doing things within an organisation.He posits that strategic planning should have been termed strategic programming rather where it would be promoted as a process to formalise the strategies that have already been developed. On its own, planning cannot generate strategies. However, planning is important in that it promotes coordination and also ensures that everyone in the organisation pulls in the same direction. It can be used to gain moral support from outsiders who are more influential to the organisation. In this scenario, it can be noted that as human beings, we are inclined to formalise our behaviour in most instances but careful consideration has to be taken when it comes to strategy making process. Strategy making is often a complex activity which requires creativity in the process. The extent to which we are guided by formalisation sometimes make us stop thinking beyond what is regarded as the norm.When it comes to strategic making process, intuitive thinking ought to play a pivotal role in informing and shaping of the organisational vision. This can be possible through the use of effective thinking which is not only subjected to the principles stipulated to be followed. A close analysis of the given article shows that it is concerned with highlighting some of the shortfalls of strategic planning that can impede the process of strategic decision making process which ought to be guided by