TV shows writing

For this assignment you will develop a list of what you consider to be the 10 best prime-time television series of all time (excluding sporting event series like Monday Night Football / but streaming feature series from places like Netflix are acceptable). The essay you submit should start with a numbered list of these series along with the years each program was originally broadcast. When compiling your list, be sure you are clear on the meaning of the term “television series.” Individual events and single episodes are NOT series. Also, the list of series should be your own, using your own selection criteria. You should not simply locate a similar list and appropriate it.Next, you should write one paragraph to explain specifically how you made your choices by naming and explaining the criteria you used to determine the best series. Your choices can be personal, but you must provide reasoned arguments in defense of your list and ranking. Use two or more of the series on your list as examples in your explanation. Do not summarize what all your shows are about.Next, you should discuss two of the common characteristics of these series. Each characteristic should be something in common to at least four of the series on your list. These characteristics must be different from the criteria you used for selection and ranking. Write a separate paragraph for each characteristic that includes: a) a name for the characteristic, b) a clear definition of the characteristic in your own words, and c) a discussion that includes examples from your list. The name and definition (a & b) of your characteristics can be commonly used television programming terms (like dramatic series) or terms you invent/appropriate (like fashionista-sidekick). Finally, you should discuss (c) how each common characteristic might lead to the series popularity, value, or cultural importance. You should regularly provide examples from your list throughout this section.The text of the essay–not including the list–should be in paragraph form and around 500 to 700 words in length.12/04/202020reading