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Instructions:Student may choose any ONE of the following events for your assignment: Birthday party Fashion Show Wedding lunch Alumni Re-union dinner Sports Events Community EventYou are the owner and manager of Dragon Events Pte Ltd. You have been approached by one of your clients to come up with an event proposal to be held in Singapore in November 2021.You are to draft a proposal to your client and ensure that it covers the following: Introduction (I am the manager of dragon pte.ltd, and the events are to be held at november 2021. We are going to do something. Your idea.) The vision and mission of your organisation The objective of the event, concept and description (the goal of the event/theroy(telling what is an objective, must be SMART, has to be measurable)(concept and description) The unique selling point (USP) of the event (what is uniqe/what is the concept/what is the selling point) Budget for the event (food how much, this and that how much) (forecast budget) Detail projection of revenue and expenses Funding of event (e.g. funded, self-funded or sponsorship) see template attachment 1 Marketing and promotional plan (tactics for marketing promotional) Social media platform, tickets, posters, etc. Division of tasks and individual responsibilities (before and during the event day)(put task by task in order) Floor plan and event layout plan- see template attachment 2 Menu and Beverage Planning (if any) Activities and Games (if any) Resource Planning (provide a breakdown of the resource list)(equipment, speakers, no, of staff, structure{tent/stage}) Action Plan Timeline and deliverables (Gantt chart) – see template attachment 3 Detailed event program including detailed running sheet for the event, see template attachment 4 Conclusion (your learning outcomes)25/05/202025socialscience