Wide Transformations in Human Resource Management

It is important to understand that theories that have been developed over the years are only meant for references and not to be used as a bible for every move. Policies and Procedures: In every company, or even a group of companies, nothing ever happens unless there‚Äôs a simple policy or procedure for making the thing happen. These policies and procedures should be set out and should include, what should happen, who needs to manage it, how it should take place, how it is monitored, etc. need to be encompassed in these policies. Discussion Question 2: It is crucial for a manager to know and understand the fair employment laws. What can you do to create a supportive environment where these laws are understood by your employees and what communication strategies would you recommend? The fair and employment laws that have been implemented by the government have a lot of relevance to everyday work. It is essential for managers to have a strong knowledge of these laws to ensure that all employees are treated in a fair and ethical manner. One of the best ways to create a supportive environment in the workplace is to communicate with the employee and bring out ways and modes to help one another achieve fair employment within the workplace. A communication strategy which involves meeting initially by the manager to discuss the same with the employees, after which the employees can initiate a meeting anytime they feel something within the office is not fair. This is more of open communication and should be for the entire team rather than just the employee and managers. Factors that play a very important role which recruiting any individual for work include the individuals’ educational background, work experience, communication skills, interpersonal skills and mainly the track record of the candidates.