YO16_XL_CH03_GRADER_PS1_HW – Renovations 1.2Project Description:Lesa Martin, a member of the support/coordination staff for the conference center at Painted Paradise Golf Resort and Spa, has created a worksheet to keep track of the renovations being made to the three rooms that are used for conferences and the two technology centers that are used for computer-based presentations and interactive sessions. The technology centers are equipped with workstations, are networked, and have Internet accessibility. This spreadsheet is simple and designed only for Lesa and her associates to keep a handle on the renovation progress and estimate the increase in capacity and revenue that might occur as a result of the renovations.Steps to Perform: Step Instructions Points Possible 1 Start Excel. Open the file named e02ch03_grader_hw_Renovations.xlsx. Save the file with the name e02ch03_grader_hw_Renovations_LastFirst, replacing LastFirst with your last and first name. 0 2 On the Renovations worksheet in cell G6, enter a formula using an absolute reference to determine the new capacity that the Musica Room will hold based on the capacity in cell F6 and the percentage in cell B13. Copy this formula to the range G7:G10. 8 3 Assign the named range IncreaseInRevenue to cell B14. 6 4 In cell I6, enter a formula to determine the projected revenue for the Musica Room based on the revenue figure in cell H6 and the percentage in cell B14. Use the named range in cell B14 when entering this formula. Copy this formula to the range I7:I10. 8 5 In cell D6, enter the DATEDIF date function to determine the length in days of the expected renovation for the Musica Room. Copy this function to the range D7:D10. 12 6 In cell B15, enter the function to calculate the median length of renovations in days. Assign the named range MedianDays to the cell. 10 7 In cell J6, enter a logical function to display the word Under in the cell if the renovations are going to take fewer than or equal to the median number of days calculated in cell B15; otherwise, have the word Over display. Use the named range for B15 when entering this function. Copy this function to the range J7:J10. 15 8 In cell B21, enter a function that will calculate the monthly payment for the loan amount in cell B18, based on the Annualized Rate in B19, and the number of years in the Term in cell B20. Display the monthly payment as a positive value. 15 9 Assign the named range RoomClassification to A24:B27. 6 10 In cell K6, using a VLOOKUP, create a function to determine the projected room classification based on the projected quarterly revenue after renovations in cell I6. Use the named range RoomClassification when entering this function. Copy this function to the range K7:K10. 15 11 Add the File Name in the left footer of the Renovations sheet. 5 12 Save the workbook. Close the workbook and then exit Excel. Submit the workbook as directed. 0 Total Points 100